About Nazia Wasif
Nazia Wasif

I have a background in arts. For me, making stuff is heaven, but I used to want to be a “real” artist, convinced that arts & crafts just wasn’t serious work. Then, a few years ago I fell into my perfect job: creating craft projects and writing about them. My experience and interests came together, and I gave in to the fun. For many of us, getting our hands back into the mud, so to speak, has been a life saver. So it was with me.


I love the challenge of creating something practical or beautiful (or both!) with common, everyday materials used in new ways. And I have great admiration for hard-working women through history who “made a little something out of almost nothing,” their creativity bubbling up out of them, taking form in silk painting, colorful designs, and other such family-warming treasures.

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